New EQUINE Program!
EchoVets Band of Brothers Band of Brothers in collaboration with Elite Vocations Elite Vocations - Vocational Horse Training for U.S. Veterans and Legacy Wellness Center (Legacy Village Wellness Center | Legacy Village Wellness Center), now offers a ten-week vocational horsemanship training program for American Veterans to equip them with the necessary tools and certification they need to enter the equine industry as professional grooms and assistant trainers. The program is provided fiscal sponsorship (Model B) by ECHO Group, ( Band of Brothers), a Veteran-run 501 (c)(3) founded in 2017 (EIN 36-4870618).

With the ongoing housing crisis facing California Veteran's, our mission is to provide employable skills in an industry which commonly provides housing benefits. The program is provided at no cost to qualifying Veterans in Santa Barbara and SLO County.

Additionally, working regularly with horses provides therapeutic benefit - enabling the Veterans in our program to reconnect with themselves and others, reignite their sense of purpose and improve self-efficacy.

All of the horses used in our programs are retired racehorses that have ended their racing career due to injury or lack of performance. In addition to providing training for the Veterans, the Elite Vocations program will provide re-training for these horses, all of which will be adopted out to suitable homes at the end of each ten-week program. The use of these horses in the program gives them a second chance at a career, and we see many parallels between these horses and the Veterans we work with.

WE NEED YOUR HELP, and we need it today!

Your once-off or monthly donation can help us change and save lives - Helping our heroes heal through horsemanship!

All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please help us positively impact the Veterans in our community.


For information or questions:

Simon d'Unienville 805-325-8789, Justin Trammell 805-540-8099, Steve or Jennifer Baird - 805-458-0368 or 805-878-2071.

Legacy Wellness Center, 230 Hans Pl. Nipomo, CA

We thank you for your continued support of our mission, and of our Veterans.

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EchoVets Band of Brothers