Veterans for the Community

Echo Group, Band of Brothers is dedicated to the Veteran Community in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura Counties. We are working closely on initiatives that directly effect the Veteran Community. Such Issues as the Veteran Homeless Crisis as well as the 22 a day initiative. We are dedicated to our Veterans and thank them for there service.

Are you a Homeless Veteran?

One of our on going initiatives is a project to house Homeless Veterans. If you are a veteran and you are homeless, don't wait. Reach out today and we will get you placed in our transitioning home, Camp Flores.

Support Veteran Owned Business

We are a Veteran based Community.  We need to support the heroes on the battlefield and off. Many Veterans are Entrepreneurs. We need to support those businesses in our Community.

For Veterans By Veterans

Healing through camaraderie and competition

Through recreational sports programs like our Band of Brothers Softball and Billiards teams, we at ECHO Group noticed a ”Healing“ begin to take hold as veterans become valuable team members again and have others to count on once more. Coupling the requirement to commit to their teammates, as well as participating as volunteers for youth sporting events in our community, veterans begin to discover their “Purpose” once more. This combination has helped end isolation and depression within our ranks.

Camp Flores

In July of 2017 ECHO Group partnered to open up a stability home designed to help end the Veteran homelessness on the central coast of California.  This privately operated home houses 8 veterans currently and constructuon Is beginning soon to add more beds. ECHO Group utilizes the local food bank to supply the  large amount of food needed to take away the question of where their next meal may come from. Your generous donations will directly contribute to the food being provided to Camp Flores.

Intrested in Donating?

With the benefits of a 501c3, All donations are a fully tax deductible.

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