Our Staff

Our dream for Band of Brothers is growth. We have already started with chapters in Arizona, Tennessee and now in the Metaverse called Second Life. We want to ensure that our focus remains on our Veterans, and we are able to grow our organization nationwide, while keeping our root mission at the forefront of this growth. We continue to structure our organization to ensure we keep within this model during our journey.

Steve Baird Head of Echo Group

Steve Baird

Steve Baird is the Co-Founder and President of Echo Group. A Marine Veteran, he is the fundamental person who is pushing the Veteran narrative in the Santa Maria Valley in California, where we were born. Steve works day in and out on issues facing our local Veteran Community. From homeless Veterans to supporting Veteran Businesses.  With the help of his outstanding leadership team, he is changing lives on the Central Coast of California.

Band of Brothers co-president Stacy Lee

Stacy Lee Co-President

Stacy Lee is the Co-President of our Organization, and Chapter President of both the Arizona and Second Life Metaverse Chapters. An Army Desert Storm Veteran, partnering with Steve to grow our organization nationwide, setting up new chapters of the organization, and facilitating outreach and connections so that we can communicate and have camaraderie as one organization across the nation.